Dr. Linda Capra has been providing chiropractic and other healing services since 1992.  Her office, Helios Chiropractic, has been a center for health care and healing modalities for over 20 years.  Health is a combination of physical, mental and emotional well being.  Dr. Capra employs physical, nutritional, movement and other functional analysis tools to assess the health of humans and animals.   
Chiropractic is the largest form of health and wellness care in practice today. The concepts of health and wellness are evolved ways of thinking.  
  Chiropractic was developed over 100 years ago to promote whole person care.  DD Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, melded scientific knowledge of the nervous system along with a philosophy of care which trusts that we have an inner wisdom which promotes life, health, and authenticity.  This Innate Intelligence is evident as a yearning for more. 
       Dr. Capra has added technology to her practice to serve a greater range of concerns.  Low level laser, nutritional supplements, Infrared sauna and hyperbaric oxygen therapy now assist healing and promoting improved functional living.